WP Budapest Meetup #2 Summary

Second meetup of WP Budapest group took place in 5th of February at The Hub.

This was the first meetup with presentations and a program.

First we had the introductions where everyone introduce themselves, talked about their occupation, relation with WordPress.

Then Jeremy talked about the recent news around WordPress and WordPress community.

We had two presentations this month. To make the presentations target broader audience, one topic was more technical and one topic was business related.

1 – “WordPress and the use GPL License”  by Ahmad Alagha 

2 – “customizing WordPress using functions.php” by Luca Speranza

Both of them were good and interesting presentations, actually at some points during presentations, presentation turns into a discussion session about the topic 🙂

Thanks for everyone joining the event and for those who cannot make it we’ll expect you on March meetup! Join us from meetup.com and facebook group.

Photos From Meetup