News in the WordPress world, March 2015

Here is a quick recap of last night’s News section. Any questions, shoot!

Security updates

There were a few important security vulnerabilities discovered in WordPress plugins this month:

For some of these updates, the WordPress Security team automatically updated the plugins remotely, using the automatic update system that was added to WordPress in version 3.7. You can read more about this process here.
This automatic update was really useful to patch a lot of WordPress installations in very little time, but some people felt uncomfortable seeing the WordPress security team update code on their site without their consent. Here is a post arguing against automatic plugin updates: On Automatic WordPress Updates.

WordPress 4.2 Beta

The next version of WordPress is just around the corner, and you can help test it! To do so, install this plugin.

To find out what’s new in WordPress 4.2, you can check this post: WordPress 4.2 Beta 1.

Of note, a better plugin installer, a new Press This feature, even more things in the Customizer, and Emojis.

We also talked about the changes to taxonomy terms: you can read more about it here. If you’re a plugin author, you’ll want to review this guide. You can use this plugin to find out if your site includes any shared terms.

If you have any other news to share, post them here!

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