What plugins are in your WordPress installation?

PluginsThis is a take on the old “What’s on your iPod?” question.

We had a great meetup (the 3rd one) with lots of valuable information for beginners and experts alike. The presentations were very helpful and generated lots of questions from the attendees and solutions to various issues as well.

During the course of the meetup, I wondered:

  • What are those top 5 or 10 or 15 plugins that expert WordPress admins always install on the sites after a fresh install?
  • What are those plugins that you cannot do without and for you are almost like built-in functions on a WordPress site?

So here goes. List the plugins that are your defaults, your go-to plugins, the ones you absolutely must have on your site. I think that this would be very useful for all levels of WordPress users (and is most definitely NOT meant to ignite a flame war)