News in the WordPress world, November 2015

News in the WordPress world, November 2015

WordPress 4.4 Release Candidate

Test, test, test! WordPress 4.4 should be released next week, on December 8, and you should be ready. Check this post to find out the new things that will ship with this new release.

WordPress now powers 25% of the web

Matt talked about it on his blog: WordPress now powers 25% of the web. It’s an important milestone. Let’s see what we can do to get to 100%! 😊

A more RESTful WP-CLI

Do you use WP-CLI? Daniel Bachhuber will work on making it fully compatible with the upcoming Core REST API. His Kickstarter campaign was a huge success and helped him get the funds he needed to concentrate on that project in the months to come.

A new CMS in Town, Envato Sites

Envato is one of the biggest businesses related to WordPress (they’re the company behind ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, and others). They announced that they’re working on a brand new site builder, named Envato Sites.

While they’ll continue to release tons of WordPress themes and plugins on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, that’s definitely something to keep in mind. I can imagine that ThemeForest authors will start spending some time developing themes for that new CMS. If you work with Envato prodcuts, keep an eye on that.

Read the announcement here.

WordCamp US, WordCamp EU

WordCamp US starts on Friday. Even if you don’t travel there, you can purchase a Live Stream ticket if you’re interested in some of the talks. Matt’s State of the Word is always interesting, for example.

WordCamp EU will be in Vienna this year. It’s only a few hours by train or car, so definitely worth the trip. You can already book your tickets here.

A new desktop app, a new admin interface for, and it’s all open source

Automattic, the company behind and Jetpack, open sourced the code they use to run the new amdin interface on

  • It’s built with React and Node.js (more details about the implementation here and there).
  • It interacts with’s WordPress installation via the REST API.
  • The interface is fast, and a big change from wp-admin.
  • You can use that new interface if you own a site, or a self-hosted site where you’ve installed the Jetpack plugin (the plugin is used to communicate with the REST API).
  • The code is open source and available here.
  • A desktop app is available for Mac users, Linux and Windows versions are being tested.

While this is limited to site owners and Jetpack users for now, it’s a good example of what can be done when building a client on top of WordPress, using a REST API.

  • WordPress Core will soon include its own API, and we’ll probably see more clients popping up.
  • Once that API is mature, will be able to adapt its code to use the core REST API instead of the REST API.

Give the app a try, it’s a refreshing experience. It’s still limited in some cases, like when you’ve built things inside wp-admin using custom fields (not supported yet or custom post types (not supported yet).

Want to read more about it?

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