News in the WordPress world, May 2016

News in the WordPress world, May 2016

Security, Security, Security

This month was again a proof that you need to keep WordPress, your themes, and your plugins up to date! Security updates were released for Jetpack, Caldera Forms, WP Fastest Cache, WordFence, Yoast SEO, Ninja Forms, and others. WordPress itself released an update to address potential security issues with its media players.

A New Plugin Repository

The plugin repo available at will be redesigned soon. You can check the first prototypes here, and you can chime in on the taxonomies that will be used to sort plugins here. These changes should help each one of us finding the right plugins, faster.

Authentication in the REST API

We’ve talked quite a bit about the REST API in the past year. Agencies and WordPress professionals start using it more and more to build interesting things on top of WordPress. However, until now authentication remained a tricky part. But thanks to the WP API team, we now have the Authentication Broker, a centralized place where you can register applications for the REST API, and that will help you authenticate through a central and reliable server. You can read more about it in the announcement post, and register your apps at

10,000 members in WordPress’ Slack team

Are you a member of the Making WordPress Slack channel yet? You should join us, it’s become an important place to chat with other WordPress community members!

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