The Theme Builder Wars — Announcing the winners

We learnt a lot about Divi and Dynamik Website Builder last night, thanks to Quentin Delsante and @henscu. And both Elegant Themes (makers of Divi) and Cobalt Apps (makers of Dynamik) were generous and offered some prizes!

Here are the winners!

  • One Divi Developer license – Molnár Tamás and Nezih Bilgin
  • One Dynamik Website Builder license – @ahmad1alagha

Congrats! I’ll be emailing you all with more details later today!

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News in the WordPress world, October 2015

News in the WordPress world, October 2015

WordPress 4.4.

WordPress 4.4 Beta 2 is available for testing. The new version of WordPress will include 3 new important features:

Plugin translations

If you’ve had to deal with plugin translations in the past, you know it used to be a cumbersome process: people who translated your plugin had to send you .po and .mo files, and you would commit those files into your plugin’s languages folder in the next release. Things are much easier now, thanks to All translations happen on You can contribute to translations for just about any plugin, and as soon as your translations get approved, they’ll be shipped to everyone using the plugin.

Even the readme can be translated, so we’re slowly moving towards a fully localized plugin repository!

Let’s Encrypt

Not a WordPress news, but something that will affect everyone with a website. Let’s Encrypt is a new free SSL certificate authority, and is now trusted by all major browsers. Soon they’ll stat issuing free SSL certificates to everyone who’d need one. They contribute to a safer internet for everyone.

More XML-RPC news

XML-RPC is a feature allowing you to interact with a WordPress site. It’s used by the mobile apps, by plugins like Jetpack, by services like IFTTT, and by many other apps and services.

Since it can be used to publish posts remotely, it’s one of the points of entry hackers like to target. They’ll try to authenticate to your site via XML-RPC, and access your site through there.

Unfortunately, it can be abused, and the Sucuri security firm discovered that hackers had discovered a new way to abuse that feature. They now use a method named system.multicallto execute multiple methods inside a single request. That means they can test several username / password combinations to get into your site in one single request. That’s consequently not enough to just block folks who do multiple requests to your site’s XML-RPC in a short period of time, you now have to look at what people do in these requests. We’ll cover how to protect yourself against those attacks in my talk, a bit later.

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WordPress Budapest Meetup — Happy Halloween!

It’s been a while since our last meetup! This time, we’d like to try something different. We haven’t decided about a topic yet and we’d like you to decide what you want to hear about!

Please fill in this survey, and tell us what you’re interested in. We’ll then find speakers and update this post and the Meetup page accordingly.

Thank you!


What plugins are in your WordPress installation?

PluginsThis is a take on the old “What’s on your iPod?” question.

We had a great meetup (the 3rd one) with lots of valuable information for beginners and experts alike. The presentations were very helpful and generated lots of questions from the attendees and solutions to various issues as well.

During the course of the meetup, I wondered:

  • What are those top 5 or 10 or 15 plugins that expert WordPress admins always install on the sites after a fresh install?
  • What are those plugins that you cannot do without and for you are almost like built-in functions on a WordPress site?

So here goes. List the plugins that are your defaults, your go-to plugins, the ones you absolutely must have on your site. I think that this would be very useful for all levels of WordPress users (and is most definitely NOT meant to ignite a flame war)

Meetup talks – Ideas

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been almost a month since the last WordPress meetup, so I thought we could start thinking about the next one.

What would you like to hear about?

Propose your ideas in the comments. Is there a specific topic you’d like to talk about, want to know more about?

What can you contribute?

If you’re up for giving a talk, comment with your idea!

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Some drafts for the WpBudapest design. Work in progress, feel free to give feedback..


WP Budapest Meetup #2 Summary

Second meetup of WP Budapest group took place in 5th of February at The Hub.

This was the first meetup with presentations and a program.

First we had the introductions where everyone introduce themselves, talked about their occupation, relation with WordPress.

Then Jeremy talked about the recent news around WordPress and WordPress community.

We had two presentations this month. To make the presentations target broader audience, one topic was more technical and one topic was business related.

1 – “WordPress and the use GPL License”  by Ahmad Alagha 

2 – “customizing WordPress using functions.php” by Luca Speranza

Both of them were good and interesting presentations, actually at some points during presentations, presentation turns into a discussion session about the topic 🙂

Thanks for everyone joining the event and for those who cannot make it we’ll expect you on March meetup! Join us from and facebook group.

Photos From Meetup